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Protogee Services
Protogee Services - Experience Expertise, Elegant Solutions
Vendor Center
Protogee's Vendor Center can manage all aspects of vendor registration including our proprietary interactive W-8, email, bid creation, and bid schedules. Custom solutions can be developed to your specifications.
Protogee provides complete IT services including consulting and custom design of online presence from logos to online client interfaces. Our exclusive content management systems provide simple and secure access to handle information in a variety of specific formats. Our software solutions can offer tools to take control of your business or Protogee can create custom software to suit your business needs. We have extensive experience and expertise in digital ADA compliance.
Protogee's Comptix Complimentary Admission and Compliance System provides anywhere access to manage entry to tickets, conferences, and other limited access events. Custom algorithims allow full control over seating and other aspects. Ideal for any size event where you want to control entry.